We are on a mission.

Over the past ten years, Graffiti and Street Art have given birth to the most prolific artistic movement of the 21st century: Urban Contemporary Art.

Independent artists and galleries are evolving in a fragmented market that the digital transformation is changing for an art world with no boundaries.

We are Urbaneez. Our platform has been created to promote the beautiful diversity of urban art and ease access to original artworks for all art lovers.

Only Urban Contemporary Art

Recognized as an official artistic movement by the established art market, Urban Contemporary Art is since represented by many galleries, auction houses, museums, fairs and festivals throughout the world. Initiated by pioneers like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring and currently driven by its international stars such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey and the awesome Kaws, there is no less than an incredible pool of talented artists that are just waiting to be known. By providing a specialized marketplace for urban art, our ambition is to showcase the most representative offer of this movement and develop its access through digital channels.

From the streets to your home

Started with graffiti writers and followed by street artists, Urban Contemporary Art has always taken different styles and techniques. Whether it is called wildstyle, abstract or cartoon, and done with spray cans, markers or stencils, all kinds of forms have since been sublimed by artists on different types of mediums. They were already invited to exhibit their work in galleries during the ‘70s, but the recent use of social media has enabled a growing interest for this artistic expression by a much wider community. Our commitment is to act as a gateway between art lovers and the most talented independent artists and galleries from the 5 continents.

Original artworks for everyone

Driven by passion and dedication, Urbaneez has been created to promote the beautiful diversity of Urban Contemporary Art and provide an authentic approach with original artworks accessible to all budgets. Indeed, we strongly believe that buying a piece of art should be a unique experience for everyone, led by personal emotions but facilitated by the online world that breaks down barriers. Our catalogue is therefore composed by an eclectic choice of original artworks which highlights the main mediums used by urban artists such as: paintings, drawings, limited prints, sculptures, custom objects, art toys, skateboards and also fine-art photography.

Born in the streets and fueled by social networks, Urban Contemporary Art is a visual art which does not require a deep knowledge of art history. It can be appreciated by everyone, everywhere.

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