In order to improve and personalize the experience provided to our Users, we may collect information through the use of cookies. These cookies help us to understand how Users access our Site and interact with our Services, and to provide them the best possible browsing experience. This Cookie Policy aims to describe how we use cookies on the site and how you can manage them. It applies in addition to the General Terms and Conditions and other Contract Documents such as the Privacy Policy. In the event of any discrepancy between the Terms and Conditions and this Cookie Policy, this Cookie Policy shall prevail.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit a website. They can be placed by Urbaneez® or by third parties for automatically collecting information from a User’s device but do not contain any personal information that can enable someone to identify this User. By browsing the Site, you allow the storage and the use of cookies. In case of disagreement with this Cookie Policy, the User may block the use of cookies from the browser and understand that some of our Services may be inaccessible or unusable, and that you won’t enjoy the most efficient experience in using our Site.

Why do we use cookies?

We make the use of cookies to operate our Site and increase its functionalities, but also to customize our Services, contents and marketing efforts for our Users. These cookies enable us to perform different functions that can be necessary for the Site or for legitimate business purposes, such as:

  • To keep track of your preferences (language, currency, units…), your profile information (username, password…) and to speed up the loading time of our Site for a better experience.
  • To remember your choices (cookies consent or not), artworks you consulted and added in your shopping cart, or if you had completed a form so we won’t ask for it again.
  • To gather statistical information on your use of the Site like the number of sessions, sections viewed, number of pages, time spent on these pages, number of interactions, frequency…
  • To learn from your interests and to understand our audience. This enables us to build customer profiles as well as to customize our advertising messages for more effectiveness.

What types of cookies do we use?

There can be different types of cookies that can be used on a website and they can be permanent (persistent cookies which have an expiration date or must be deleted manually) or temporary (session cookies which expire and are automatically removed when you close your browser). On Urbaneez®, we mainly make the use of six (6) types of cookies that can be categorized as follows:

Type of cookiesPurposeProvider
Strictly necessary cookiesThese cookies are required to operate the basic functions of our Site and to deliver the Services. They allow you to access secure areas of the Site, such as your personal account, and they enable you to use the shopping cart.Urbaneez
Performance and analytics cookiesThese cookies enable us to count the number of visitors on our Site and analyze the traffic sources which help us to improve the performance of Urbaneez®. They also help us to understand how visitors browse our pages and implement new technical functionalities to our Site.Urbaneez
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Functionality cookiesThese cookies allow us to recognize you when you come back to our Site and remember your preferences for loading them automatically. They also enable us to customize our content based on your use of the Site and bring you an easier and more comfortable experience.Urbaneez
Advertising and targeting cookiesThese cookies enable us to build a profile of your interests and provide advertising messages that are customized and more relevant for you. They can also be used by our advertising partners to deliver you targeted advertisements across other websites and help to measure campaigns results.Google
Google Tag Manager
Social media cookiesThese cookies are used to help Buyers to log in with their social account and to allow Sellers to redirect Users to their social profile. These cookies can also be used to display customized contents on social media.Facebook
Transactional cookiesThese cookies are used to secure payments made when purchasing artwork(s) during the checkout process. These cookies are mainly third party cookies and Urbaneez® has no control over them.Stripe

How to manage your cookies?

As a User, you can choose to modify your preferences regarding the use of cookies at any time. We ask for your consent when you visit our site for the first time, by clicking on accept and continuing to browse our pages, you agree with the deposit of cookies. This consent can be withdrawn at any time, but depending on your choices some services may not work properly or will not be available.

Manage the use of my cookies

You will always have the opportunity to set your browser and prevent cookies from being placed automatically on your device, be notified when a new cookie appears or simply to remove cookies. These settings must be done on each device used for browsing our site and according to the respective document of your browser, therefore please refer to their instructions:

Google Chrome
Apple Safari or Safari iOS
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

On top of these settings, you can also set your preferences for advertising cookies and use your right to opt-out for receiving cookies from our third-party providers. Our partners are mainly:


How to contact us?

Urbaneez® is the owner and the controller of your personal data. For any questions regarding this policy, please send us an e-mail to or a mail to:

Art Meets You Sàrl
Rue Mercerie 3
1003 Lausanne

Last updated version: June 30th, 2020