How it works?

Urbaneez is the marketplace dedicated to Urban Contemporary Art which helps art lovers to discover graffiti and street artists from the five continents. We act as trusted third-party platform between buyers and sellers, and provide instant access to original artworks that can be bought at any time, from anywhere.

Get an instant access to urban contemporary art

We believe in art world accessible to everyone, with more price transparency and the opportunity for art lovers to buy artworks instantly, wherever they are. By being a specialized channel for Urban Contemporary Art, we work with independent artists as well as galleries which enables us to deliver the most representative offer on the market, available at any time. We take care of the whole buying process for our partners, our ambition is to simplify the acquisition of original artworks through online channels and ensure that our selection is affordable to all budgets.

Make discovering & collecting much easier

Our platform has been created with state-of-the-art technologies. Discovering artists or finding those you follow on social media, looking for galleries close to you or browsing dozens of original artworks has never been this easy. We have paid special attention to navigation and search with clear sections and extended filters for each environment. Once you create an account on Urbaneez, you will get access to extended features such as follow your favorite artists or galleries, bookmark your coveted artworks, register your personal and credit card information to enjoy faster purchases.

How to proceed?



Start by creating a buyer’s account (Art lover). You can choose to quickly log in with your social account (Instagram, Facebook) or create a dedicated account for Urbaneez.



Explore our online catalogue, discover artists and galleries, use our features (filters, follows, bookmarks…) to find your favorite artwork(s) and build a personal wish list.



Make a final choice among your selection, add the desired artwork to your cart, choose your payment method and confirm your purchase on the checkout page.



Receive an order confirmation, get a tracking number and be delivered directly at home. Enjoy your artwork and share a picture by using #urbaneez on Instagram!