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Amaury Dubois

Amaury Dubois

France - lille


Born in 1980 in Lille, AMAURY DUBOIS is an artist who uses color to explore his passion for art. No matter the medium, he doesn't let himself be put on the shelves of an artistic movement, and his plural work doesn't allow itself to be locked up in any box. The genesis of his art lies at the meeting point of his years spent feeding himself by the colors of the street on his skateboard during the day, and between the pages of art history books during the evening. Leading to a beautiful inspiration at the end.

Amaury Dubois has always enjoyed painting life in motion. From a room covered with graffiti to contemporary paintings visible all over the world, he offers works full of life and colors, all marked by his signature: the Curvism. His curves create a visible link between Free Figuration, Abstraction and Street Art, a way to link and explore his influences. His style allows him to be free and to travel thanks to his art.

Since his beginnings, he has never stopped exploring mediums, escaping boredom and creative comfort by multiplying universes using his curve, his lifeline, between the reality of the surface and the depths of his imagination. Europe, USA, Brazil, Singapore, Middle East, India... Project after project, Amaury Dubois exports his talent all over the world. His artworks are exhibited in several international galleries and they cohabit with artworks from some of the greatest contemporary artists.

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